Seminar Timetable

1pm-2pm Breeding Seminar
Chairman: Stephen Heenan, Previous NBA Trustee Director

Speaker 1: Adam Woods, Beef Editor – Irish Farmers Journal
Topic: How to calve a cow

Speaker 2: Boomer Birch, Beef Programme Manager, Cogent Breeding
Topic: The benefits of AI within the beef industry


Adam will look at management of the suckler cow at calving.  In particular, when is it appropriate to intervene, when and how a jack should be used, care of the newborn calf, and the importance of having good handling facilities.

Boomer will then cover the importance of beef genetics within the dairy herd, benefits of A.I within the suckler herd, and the use of sexed semen to maximise outputs.

The two 25 min talks will be followed by a 10min Q&A session. 

12pm-1pm Grassland Seminar
Chairman: Ernie Ritchie, Trustee Director on the NBA National Board

Speaker 1: Dr Francis Lively, Beef scientist AFBI
​Topic: Best practise Grassland Management 

Speaker 2: James Daniel, Director – Precision Grazing Ltd
Topic: Profitable Grazing Systems


This seminar will investigate how farmers can maxise profitability though grassland management. 

The seminar will include two 25min presentations followed by a 10 min Q&A session. 

11am - 12pm Health Seminar
Chairman: John Sheridan, Chairman of the NBA

Speaker 1: Robert Huey, Chief Veterinary Officer
Topic: TB and policy in NI

Speaker 2: Maura Langan, MVB Veterinary Advisor- Norbrook Laboratories
Topic: Best Practice Guide for Liver Fluke Control in Cattle


This seminar will look into two topical cattle diseases with increasing prevalence and how the industry can best manage them.

The health seminar will include two 25 min presentations followed by a 10 min Q&A session for both speakers.