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NBA Committee

The NBA Animal Health Committee

The NBA Animal Health Committee brings together vets, farmers and breed societies from throughout the UK to inform and educate beef farmers about the everyday health problems that face their herds.

Through this committee, the NBA aims to:- 

  1. Support farmers in spotting  diseases and parasites in their cattle
  2. Give farmers greater understanding, and provide them with the knowledge of how to protect their herds.
  3. Work with various bovine health schemes towards standardising testing, heath checks and disease control around the UK.
  4. Reach as wide an audience as possible to help farmers spot and tackle diseases 
  5. Meet the need for clear, understandable information that farmers don’t have access to 
  6. Ensure that beef farmers are regularly updated on common health issues and their financial implications for  beef farmers.
  7. Share information through social media 
  8. Produce user-friendly animal health fact sheets
Chairman: Neil Shand
The NBA Policy Committee

The NBA Policy Committee meets four times a year at various venues around the UK.  This is to give all of our members a chance to have their views on current issues heard by NBA officials and the management team.  

The views of the committee are vital in deciding NBA policies.

Chairman: Neil Shand
Secretary: Andrew Laughton

The committee is open to all NBA members.

The NBA Pedigree Committee

The NBA Pedigree Committee is by invitation only

All NBA Member breed society secretaries are invited to attend along with other NBA members specialising in genetics.

Chairman: Paul Sneyd