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Beef Statistics

Know your facts!

Number crunching:

  • There are approximately 9.92 million cattle in the UK (2015)
  • The total number of prime cattle slaughtered at UK abattoirs in the year 2016 was 1.97 million
  • The average herd size in 2015 was 88 

Know your consumer, know your market:

  • In 2015 GB consumers spent £3,136 million on Beef
  • The average UK consumer consuming over 18.4kg of beef and veal per year and the volume of beef bought is up +2.6% on last year 2016 which is good news for beef farmers!
  • Mince accounts for 38 per cent of our beef expenditure, with 25 per cent on steaks, 21 per cent on roasts and 13 per cent on stews. However consumers are buying more chilled ready meals and fresh prepacked pies!
  • The UK is 75% self-sufficient in Beef leaving us plenty room for producers to grow more beef for the home market
  • 81% of beef sold in the UK is under the British logo, however Aldi, Budgens, Co-op, Lidl, M&S, Morrison’s and Waitrose all use 100% British Beef. Let’s hope the rest follow the trend!
  • The UK exports 24,000 tonnes of beef and imports 60,000 tonnes. Exports are mainly to the EU
Beef Export Destinations 2015. Source AHDB
Beef Export Destinations 2015. Source AHDB