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Channel Crossings for Livestock

P&O will only carry livestock on cargo ferries between Calais and Dover as this is the shortest route.

They will only carry breeding and milking livestock. The livestock does not have to be pedigree.
They will only accept bookings for livestock that are made by the NBA. 

The NBA is responsible for guaranteeing that the livestock are for breeding or milking. This lays a considerable responsibility on the NBA.  If loads are not for breeding or milking P&O may stop carrying livestock.

In order for the NBA to meet its commitment to P&O it will require information that exporters/importers may consider to be confidential, but it is cheaper for all, if information is supplied to the NBA by email rather than the employment of a 'policeman' at Dover and Calais.

The NBA will not book a crossing until it has received payment.
No bookings will be accepted without completing a Livestock Vehicle – Booking Request and Declaration Form

Please visit The National Sheep Associations' website (for sheep bookings).

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Please book through the NBA Head Office.  
Tel: 01434 601005 or 07393463225
Email: [email protected]

The office is open Monday to Thursday 09.00 to 17.00 hours and Friday 09.00 to 15.00
Please note if you contact Julie after 17.00 hours there will be a £50.00 surcharge in addition to the fare below.

The following prices (inclusive of fares for 2 drivers but excluding VAT) apply:

Loaded Vehicles: 2024 Unloaded Vehicles: 2024
Vehicles up to 9.5 metres - £372.50 Vehicles up to 9.5 metres - £270.00
Vehicles between 9.5 and 12.5 metres - £406.25 Vehicles between 9.5 and 12.5 metres - £285.00
Vehicles over 12.5 metres - £460.00 Vehicles over 12.5 metres - £325.00
Vehicles over 18.0 metres - £485.00 Vehicles over 18.0 metres - £345.00
Vehicles over 23.0 metres - £505.00 Vehicles over 23.0 metres - £355.00

Please contact P & O directly for the current sailing schedule.

We need the following information to make a booking:

  • Your Business name and contact details.
  • Route you want e.g. Dover to Calais loaded and return Calais Dover unloaded.
  • Vehicle Registration number
  • Vehicle type. e.g. twin axle lorry
  • Vehicle length in meters.
  • Vehicle owner. e.g. LV Hauliers Ltd.
  • Description of load e.g. 47 Breeding cattle
  • A list of the livestock on the load showing; Full Individual ID, Sex and Breed. At the point of booking you may have to list more animals than you are taking.
  • Date and time of crossings.
  • In order to carry out our task of ensuring that there are no store or slaughter animals on the load we need the contact details of purchasers and sellers of all animals.
  • If you reside in the European Union we require your VAT number.

Once the booking is made it is valid for 14 days.
For automated payments please contact head office for our bank details.
Payment by credit card is also acceptable.