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Letter of complaint to BBC following unclear message in global beef production documentary

26th November 2019

Region: National

This afternoon (26.11.19), the National Beef Association has sent a letter to Ms Charlotte Moore and Mr Tom McDonald, who commissioned the documentary ‘Meat: A Threat to our Planet?’, which was aired on BBC One yesterday evening (25.11.19).

To our industry, the programme quite clearly demonstrated exactly why we should buy British, as we are aware of how different UK livestock production systems are to those elsewhere in the world.

However, we feel that this point was not made clear in any way to viewers, some of whom have little understanding or experience of agriculture, and the content of the documentary could have a potentially damaging public perception of all red meat.

We feel it is our duty as the NBA to complain to the BBC about their failure to make any real comparison to UK beef production methods, and have asked if there will be a follow-up programme focusing on British agriculture and beef farming practices in the UK.