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An opportunity to see champions of the future

6th November 2015

All roads lead to the RUAS Showgrounds in Belfast on Saturday November 14th for the inaugural Pedigree Calf Fair @ Beef NI Expo.

“We are breaking new ground with this initiative,” explained event organiser and chairman David Connolly.
“Never before has the beef industry in Northern Ireland been given such a high-profile platform on which to display its superior pedigree young stock, and discuss the important issues in the beef sector”.
“This is an industry with a tremendously positive story to tell and the upcoming Pedigree Calf Fair will provide an event whereby the visitors will see, at first hand, how the sector is being primed for further growth.”

David confirmed that the level of entries received for the event has exceeded all expectations.
“All the beef breeds will be well represented on the day.  I have no doubt whatsoever, that many of the champions selected will go on to become breed record breakers in coming months and years”.  

Mr Connolly was quick to point out that pedigree beef breeding is on a high at the present time, here in Northern Ireland.
“This reflects the tremendous investment that local breeders have made over recent years.  It is so positive for the beef sector that all of this hard work and endeavour is now starting to pay off”.

David Connolly is also conscious that the November 14th event is just equally important for commercial beef farmers.

“The cattle industry has a lot to learn from the pig and poultry sectors in terms of driving efficiency at farm level.”

“Individual producers cannot influence the markets, but they have total control over what happens within the confines of their farms. This is why the series of technical seminars planned for the one-day event is so important.

“The seminars will be hosted both in the morning and afternoon periods and will set the scene for a development strategy that will allow the beef industry to develop on a sustainable footing between now and 2020.”

“The inaugural Pedigree Calf Fair is primarily about the animals that will be taking part in the large number of competition classes that have been catalogued” says David.         

“Never before has such an elite selection of pedigree young stock graced the same venue on the same day here in Northern Ireland.”