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NBA Manifesto Puts Food Production & Fairness First

14th June 2024

Region: National

The organisation representing the British beef industry, the National Beef Association, has published its manifesto of lobbying priorities for the new post-election Government.

As the voice of thousands of beef farmers, meat producers and the 26 beef cattle Breed Societies that have helped make this fundamental sector of the UK agricultural industry the envy of the world, the NBA will continue to campaign for fair treatment in every aspect of Government policy that affects its membership.

At the top of its new manifesto, the NBA will emphasise the crucial importance of maximising food production as well as environmental benefits in Government support policy, and urges the next Government to introduce a targeted level of increase in the new UK Food Security Index over the next parliament.

In a climate of cost and interest inflation, the NBA is calling for a review of pricing and fairness across the beef supply chain, and for financially crucial measures including offsetting retained females against capital allowances. The NBA will also campaign to ensure future trade deals that include beef are fair and transparent, and to exclude those countries with production and welfare standards below those of the UK.

“Our beef industry sets the gold standard around the world for the quality of our product and for the care and welfare of our livestock,” says NBA CEO Neil Shand. “The NBA’s essential goal is to protect and enhance the beef industry in this country for our producers and our consumers, and our manifesto is focused on the key areas of policy that the Government needs to address in order to secure the industry’s future.

“We also recognise that we are one sector in a closely interdependent agricultural industry that is adapting to profound changes in Government policy and economic conditions. Our manifesto is a restatement of our commitment to help ensure that whatever Government comes to power respects the value of the industry, and supports the rural communities who are taking up the challenge of producing our world class food and enhancing our unique environment at the same time.”

We will lobby for:

  • The recently introduced UK Food Security Index to have a targeted level of increase over the next parliament.
  • To ensure environmental gain but not at the expense of food production; the status of UK-wide, coordinated, food production is of first and foremost importance.
  • A full review of pricing and fairness to be carried out across the beef supply chain.
  • Current successful TB policy and proposed strategy to be maintained across England and introduced in Wales.
  • To ensure future trade deals that include beef are fair and transparent, and to exclude those countries with production and welfare standards below those of the UK.
  • For all agriculture budgets to be linked to inflation and increased annually by a corresponding amount.
  • The option to offset the value of retained or purchased females which maintain or increase a suckler herd, against capital allowances.
  • The rapid introduction of EID technology compatible across the UK.
  • Ensure rural communities are put front and centre of all agricultural policies UK wide.