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10th August 2007

Region: National

1. Export ban

The prospect of a relatively early partial lifting of the EU export ban has been brought closer by the EU Commission’s decision to carry out a review of the situation within weeks.

The export ban will remain in place until August 25 but a review will be undertaken by the EU’s Standing Committee on Food Chain and Animal Health on August 23 and a new decision could be taken then.

2. State of play for product shipped within the European Union between 15 July and 3 August

French recall:
The French Agriculture Minister has issued a press release this afternoon cancelling from tomorrow the recall procedure affecting British meat. The French text can be seen on the site below.

The current situation i.e. meat impounded has been reviewed by the authorities and can now be repatriated, following the intervention of the Embassy and a meeting of veterinary experts this afternoon (document DSVET/I/P/2746-I.8.d del 9 agosto 2007). The status of meat already in the food chain and sent between the 15 July and 3 August and even received between 2 and 15 July remains unclear. We will provide an update on this point tomorrow.

Contrary to earlier reports, the Commission has not issued a statement to Member States. However, Fred Landeg’s declaration quoting the EU position can be reproduced and we would be happy to help in such a case.

Time of voluntary ban on 3 August:
Defra has not confirmed or infirmed 9.30 am as the time of voluntary ban for exports reported earlier. Defra has promised to clarify this point.

Prepared jointly by the Milton Keynes and Brussels offices of the Meat and Livestock Commission.