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Press Release - NBA optimistic that the USA will open its doors to British beef

12th March 2012

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NBA optimistic that the USA will open its doors to British beef.

The National Beef Association (NBA) is hopeful that a draft law published in the USA will make its way through the system and result in the United States of America lifting the ban on British exports, put in place in 1997 due to concerns regarding BSE.

While it is clear no change will be made overnight, the fact that the draft law in place is very encouraging and is the first big step towards the ban being lifted.

Joanne Pugh, NBA Assistant Director, says: “It’s not just that the USA would be an interesting new export market for British beef, it’s the acknowledgement by yet another country that beef from the UK is some of the safest and highest quality anywhere in the world.

“With BSE long behind us, more and more export certificates are being signed. In fact 37 non-EU countries opened their doors last year alone, so the USA will join a long list of countries that have acknowledged what the UK has to offer in terms of traceability, high welfare standards, environmental credentials and taste.

“With beef supplied tightening all the time, we are operating on an increasing global platform. The more countries we can export to the wider our portfolio of products sold and carcases utilised, which can only be good news for farmers in the UK.”

Attention has been drawn to the draft bill by Michelle O’Neill, Minister of Agriculture for Northern Ireland, who is visiting the USA this week. It is hoped her visit will further emphasise the need for the USA to lift the 1997 ban.

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