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Press Release - NBA pleased to see "backlash" against negative red meat claims

14th March 2012

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NBA pleased to see “backlash” against negative red meat claims.

The National Beef Association (NBA) believes the UK general public has largely dismissed claims published yesterday linking red meat to higher mortality levels.

The report, resulting from a study in the USA, hit the UK media yesterday – but the NBA says that many of the over-the-top headlines caused a lot of people, some of them high profile, to come out in defence of the great British steak and other red meat products.

Joanne Pugh, NBA Assistant Director, says: “From Twitter feeds to internet message boards, there seemed to be a backlash against the American report. Many people seemed to be fed up of yet another report telling them what to eat, especially when it was attacking food that they enjoy and see as an important part of their diet.

“It was particularly gratifying this morning to hear BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans dedicate his primetime breakfast show to our nation’s butchers, speaking out against the report and lending his support to British beef, lamb and pork.

“Red meat, as with everything, should be enjoyed as part of a balanced, nutritious diet. It is of note that this particular study was conducted in the USA, where red meat consumption is far higher than in the UK. Here average intake does not exceed the recommended 70g per day.”

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