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Press Release - NBA delighted that High Court has given badger cull go-ahead

12th July 2012

Region: National

NBA delighted that High Court has given badger cull go-ahead.

After years of working tirelessly for the right to cull badgers as part of a TB control package, the National Beef Association (NBA) was thrilled by today’s news that the Badger Trust’s legal challenge has failed.

Joanne Pugh, NBA Assistant Director, said: “We are absolutely delighted that the High Court has given the go-ahead for two pilot areas to operate this autumn. A lot of farmers have put in a lot of work to get to this point and it would have been heartbreaking if a further delay had been created.

“We cannot tackle TB with cattle measures alone, something Mr Justice Ouseley acknowledged during the High Court proceedings, and we just hope the Badger Trust heeds the strength of this decision and decides against appealing.

“Everything is in place for the two pilot areas to operate this year and we are confident these will prove free shooting is safe, humane and effective, paving the way for 10 more areas to seek licences in 2013.”

For more information contact:

Joanne Pugh   NBA Assistant Director  07579 009648
Bill Harper   NBA TB Committee Chairman 07831 099182  [Currently overseas]