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FMD Update 1600 10th August 07

10th August 2007

Region: National

There are still only 2 IPs. The temporary control zone is still awaiting lab results.  In spite of some press reports DEFRA is very much in ‘control the disease mode’ rather than ease the burden on our businesses. Dorking has created a scare and concentrated policy.

PZ and SZ have been granted licences to move feed and deal with Fallen Stock.

In the RZ fallen stock is to be collected. National Fallen Stock Company is collecting carcases however decayed. In Wales carcases may be buried if they are not collected within 3 days of notification. In England Ministers are adamant that carcases will not be buried.

The Scottish border is now open in both directions for all species.


We have in conjunction put forward a priority list to Defra and will discuss this in detail this weekend. Defra will risk score the list and then we will produce the details of the licences so that everything is ready when epidemiology / welfare allows.
It therefore appears that there will be no more licences for movement before early next week.

An epidemiology report has been placed on the Defra website.