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Press Release - If you are what you eat, are you not what you sell?

18th February 2013

Region: National

If you are what you eat, are you not what you sell?

If you can’t trust what is in a lasagne what about other products sold under that brand?

Malcolm Walker the boss of Iceland believes the horsemeat scandal is a problem created by local authorities and the catering industry. The retailers need to look into their own supply chain before blaming others for their failures. The squeezing of their suppliers margins and the relentless search for profit through buying cheaper product is the reason horsemeat is in their products.

The supermarkets spend millions on creating and protecting their brand but what is behind that brand is reflected in their own brand economy burgers. They are brands are funded by the exploitation of the consumer and the supplier.
Supermarket own brands contained horsemeat and as such it is their name on the packet and their responsibility to be sure what is in the product. They cannot blame anyone other than their own buying policies for their failure to supply their consumers with what it says on the label.

The retailers have shown a blatant disregard for their shoppers and now is the time when they have to show a real commitment to those of us who use their products. That commitment starts with shortening their supply chain and using locally sourced beef produced in this country.

The lesson learnt in the last few weeks is that the more people and businesses involved in the supply chain the more chance you have of the product been tampered with. The shorter the chain the better.
In Britain we produce high welfare, assured and traceable meat and the consumers deserve it.

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