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FMD Update 1100 am 14th August 07

14th August 2007

Region: National

The Secretary of State will chair a meeting today. There will be information on easing of movement restrictions for welfare and the announcement of key dates in the exit strategy. The dates will be on  a first possible not before date as there are issues that are out of our control. These dates are encouraging and will help business planning but the emphasis is on first possible not before.

13th August Core Script 16h00

  • Emphasise the continuing importance of relentless vigilance, strict biosecurity, and early reporting of disease for all
  • Government and industry are working closely in partnership, with a real sense of urgency; we have made good progress, but are not in a position to make an announcement today; the situation is however being kept under constant review.
  • We understand the pressures facing the industry at this time; we are urgently seeking to agree the next steps in our ongoing risk-based, staged approach to movement controls in the restricted zone (i.e. outside PZ and SZ);
  • We recognise the need to provide keepers with urgent clarity to help them in their medium-term planning;
  • We would like to thank everyone in the industry for their help to date in controlling this outbreak;
  • Over the next few days we will be seeking their help with our ongoing surveillance activity in the Surrey Surveillance Zone;
  • We would like to emphasise the need for action by all: animal keepers, industry, and Govt alike.
  • In order to supplement the detailed tracings work already underway by Animal Health it would be helpful if keepers could contact us to provide the following:

There may be keepers in the Protection and Surveillance Zones in Surrey who have moved animals off their premises since 16th July and have not yet notified us. As a precautionary measure to supplement our extensive tracings operation, we are asking them to report these today to their local Animal Health Office.

We have been doing extensive work to contact keepers in the Protection and Surveillance Zones. However there may be a few keepers who have not yet been contacted by Animal Health. We urge keepers to whom this may apply to make themselves known to us.

Hilary Benn is meeting with key stakeholder representatives tomorrow to discuss these issues and to listen to views about how to move forward