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Press Release - Health and genetics to be key focus in beef from the dairy herd section at Beef EXPO 2013

18th April 2013

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Health and genetics to be key focus in beef from the dairy herd section at Beef Expo 2013

Beef Farmers finishing cattle from the dairy herd will have the chance to enhance their knowledge of a number of topical subjects which can have a significant impact on their profitability at Beef Expo 2013 on 23 May.

A drive for increased UK-sourced beef as a result of supply chain issues earlier this year have highlighted the need to maximise the value of every beef animal, explains Simon Fryar of the Beef Expo 2013 organising committee.

"Increasing demand for both British beef and importantly, native breed beef, means the opportunities to add value to beef sired calves from dairy herds are growing all the time. But as with any livestock enterprise there are a number of factors which must be managed correctly in order to maximise profits."
Whether it is having the right genetics in place, ensuring stock remain in maximum health or simply having adequate housing and facilities for them, failing to get things right from the outset will impact on the enterprise at every stage, says Mr Fryar.

As with every beef enterprise rearing beef animals from the dairy herd means understanding the market you're targeting first and ensuring you produce what the market wants. "Whether that is knowing what carcass weight is needed or understanding whether bulls or steers are preferred by certain outlets it all has an impact on how animals are bought, managed and sold."

The starting point, says Mr Fryar, is having the right animals in the first place and at Beef Expo visitors will be able to speak to breeding experts to understand how high EBV sires and different breeds can impact on their system.
"Animal health is also key and in flying herd finishing systems minimising the risk from bought in disease is paramount to maximising output and vets will be on hand to discuss some of the key disease challenges facing beef finishers.
"Environmental disease, such as pneumonia, can also have a big part to play and good building ventilation is important, as is ensuring cattle have sufficient space and a clean lying environment."

Health issues will be the subject of two seminars in the Beef from the Dairy Herd area of the event, with one at 12 noon focusing on how to manipulate ventilation to aid the control of respiratory disease and another at 1345 covering the prevention and control of pneumonia, he says.
And, with some outlets implementing strict criteria for their cattle, having a firm grasp of performance is vital, explains Mr Fryar. "Good nutrition is central to this, and with bought-in feed prices rising all the time many finishers are looking at ways to increase us of homegrown feeds and protein sources.
"Keeping track of cattle weights by regular weighing is also important to ensure cattle meet specification, but with fewer staff on farms and the need to improve on-farm efficiency EID has an increasingly important role to play in the beef sector and this will be explained in the Beef from the Dairy Herd area too."
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