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FMD Update 1600 15th August 07

15th August 2007

Region: National

There are still 2 IPs, 57 report cases have been cleared, 5 cases are under investigation including the 2 TCZ. No slaughter has taken place in the TCZs

The Core Stakeholder Group is focused on GB going disease free at the earliest opportunity, whilst dealing with welfare and providing information for business planning. The group is very well advised by Defra officials and experts. The main problem at the moment with the first date that restrictions can be lifted is the blood testing of sheep which can start on 30 Aug; all owners have to cooperate, the sheep have to be bled and any retests due to inconclusive results have to be completed. This operation is fully resourced and much of the timetable has been put in place already but it is an activity that is impossible to guarantee in time terms.

Continued high levels of bio-security and vigilance are critical in case there is still undetected virus.