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Beef from the Dairy Herd Beef from dairy is a key part of the national diet and is a major focus at NBA Beef Expo

15th May 2015

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Peter Jones Livestock’s (PJL Ltd) presentation and showcase of cattle entitled ‘Beef from the Dairy Herd’, is a major focus at NBA Beef Expo 2015, on 21st May. The company will be highlighting the potential opportunities from this sector of the market, which is sometimes disregarded in spite of its importance. In addition to case study examples they will present pens of reared continental bulls, continental heifers and black and white bulls
Chris Mallon National Director of the NBA said: “Almost 50% of the beef we eat is from the Diary Herd, so they are a crucial part of the industry which can’t be ignored. NBA Beef Expo is an all-encompassing event and we are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase this element.”
PJL Ltd, was formed in 2002, and is a livestock marketing company based in Tarporley, Cheshire. Operating farm to farm, primarily across the North of England, it directly supplies and purchases store and breeding stock, including quality baby and reared calves.
Although Yorkshire is a key area, PJL has established finishing units, from across the UK, and have cattle procurement agreements in place to support these contracts with calf producers.
Peter Jones of PJL Ltd, said: “With the decline in the suckler cow we are seeing an increased interest in beef produced from dairy animals, in particular because of their production predictably and uniformity. We will be presenting three pens of livestock. Through these demonstrations the aim is to show animals that have the potential, together with those farmers who are already maximising the most of this opportunity.”
Supporting the livestock exhibits will be a series of three case studies which include pens of cattle from three farmers.
Ian Rutter farms 500 acres of mainly arable land near Rothbury. Ian’s indoor beef unit produces 200 dairy-bred, mainly Simmental and Blue cross steers per year. He sells them after they have been in his unit for approximately 10-12 months to local abattoirs.
Willy Raine of Screwton near Northallerton; Willy buys in 80 Holstein FR bulls per year onto his 350 acre farm. Purchased at 4/5 months they are kept on the farm until they are 16/17 months old. Two of Willy’s bulls recently topped the market at over £1100.00 each at Northallerton Mart.
Finally, Will Smith who farms near Derby. His beef unit produces 50-60 dairy bred, mainly Simmental and Belgian Blue cross heifers per year. These are brought in, in October/November and finished in March at about 18 months.
Bringing together the very best in British commercial and pedigree cattle, equipment, knowledge-sharing, and show classes, NBA Beef Expo is the British Beef Industry’s annual showcase. The event is being hosted at York Auction Centre, on Thursday 21st May, and will be attended by one of Britain’s most famous farmers, BBC Countryfile’s Adam Henson.

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