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5th July 2019

Region: National

We are urging all of our members to have their say and write to their local MP about the drastic decline in beef prices.  It is crucial, with the industry being where it is that we make our voices heard to the powers that be and come together to make a stand.  As a lobbying organisation we are working hard to bring the true state of affairs to the attention of politicians and have been meeting with various different committees and your support would be appreciated.  If every one of our members wrote to their local MP stressing how important it is for them to act and intervene, the mounting pressure from their own constituents will make a difference.

There are some points below, which members may wish to make in writing to their local MP, asking for support.

Here is the link to the parliamentary website where members can find their local MP >

You may wish to add some of your own words or personalise it in some way if you know your local MP.

You may like to invite your MP to visit your farm. The parliamentary recess begins at the end of July and many will be at home in their constituencies over the summer months.


Dear [Local MP], 

I am writing to ask for your support in helping the British Beef Industry through one of its hardest times. 

  • The retail price for beef remains strong, but finished cattle are losing value week after week. Cost of production far exceeds finished price to producers, forcing many out of the industry.
  • We import over 20% of the beef we consume with 70% of Irish beef being exported to the UK, yet the price being achieved by Irish producers is higher than that being paid to British producers.
  • Its importation as a loss leader is one of the mechanisms being used to control the UK price.
  • Republic of Ireland beef, in Sterling terms, is beating UK prices and yet it still has to be exported into our market.
  • Lack of competition between UK beef processors prevents any difference between bid prices and restricts the options for finishers.
  • The NBA and its members are facing a complete imbalance in power, with the farmer on the losing side. Producers have no access to an ombudsman to query trading practices, and as such are powerless.
  • With every penny removing over £110,000 from UK beef farmers, the reductions are ensuring more suckler cattle disappear from British farms.
  • The UK’s beef producers in the UK need your help – many are on their knees and cannot continue for much longer.

I hope you can find the time to visit my farm over the summer and see for yourself just how hard Britain’s beef farmers are working to provide top-quality beef.  

I would be very interested in hearing from you with regards to your views on this matter and what you might be able to do about it.

Thank you in anticipation of your help.

Yours sincerely,