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Design Recommendations of Beef Cattle Housing

22nd March 2010

Category: Health Fact Sheets

Many people are involved in the design and specification of beef cattle housing: engineers, architects, extension services, building contractors, and finally the facility manager himself.

To achieve a high satisfaction level it is necessary to take into account a range of different factors when defining the optimum animal house for a specific situation. These factors include - animal productivity targets, animal behaviour, animal needs, animal dimensions, climate, labour availability, manager preferences, animals handling and personnel safety.

The scientific literature is comprehensive and reports research that has been capped out in different countries and with different beef cattle breeds. This report takes into account the data of the scientific literature and the practical experience of respected specialists involved in the practical design, construction and management of beef cattle housing in Europe and North America.

See attached factsheet for more information:-

Design Recommendations of Beef Cattle Housing