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Future Funding Timeline

14th September 2018

Category: Policy

Timeline for the phasing out of Direct Payments and introduction of new system


CAP and CAP legacy

Future arrangements

Transitional Support


Direct Payments continue on the same basis as now with minor simplifications

Tests and trials for Environmental Land Management (ELM)


Countryside Stewardship (CS) agreements continue to be signed and Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) agreements extended as required



Direct Payments continue with further simplifications, where possible

Tests and trials for ELM


CS agreements continue to be signed and HLS agreements extended as required

Higher animal welfare standard defined, industry leadership role for animal health and welfare agreed



First year of progressive reductions to Direct Payments

First pilots and ongoing tests and trials for ELM

Transitional support schemes to build farm capability to manage risk, improve productivity and deliver public goods will be offered, including:


CS agreements continue to be signed but number becomes dependent on ELM. HLS agreements extended as required

UK Shared Prosperity Fund starts

Supporting new entrants to get into farming   


End of current parliament and government commitment to maintain the same cash total funding for the sector


Progressive reductions to Direct Payments continue

ELM pilots, tests and trials.

Initiatives to support new relationship between government and land managers


Final CS agreements start (number dependent on ELM) and HLS agreements extended as required

Welfare pilots continue and animal health interventions on offer




ELM fully up and running




Measures to promote animal health and welfare fully up and running



End of 7 year transition period (last year Direct Payments)

Targeted investment in R&D and innovation (up to 2029)



No Direct Payments