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Farming Life - NBA Strengthens Team & bTB expertise with 2 new appointments

15th April 2021

NBA strengthens team and bTB expertise with two new appointments

The National Beef Association (NBA) has strengthened its veterinary and bTB expertise, while enhancing its representation within the pedigree world, with the appointments of Sarah Tomlinson and Barrie Turner to its national board. In addition to her role as a farm veterinary surgeon with Westpoint Farm Vets in Derbyshire, Sarah Tomlinson MRCVS is an authority on bTB at both governmental and practical farm level.

As technical director at the TB Advisory Service (TBAS), Sarah oversees and delivers training for new advisors, chairs technical board meetings and delivers farmer meetings around the country. She was also a member of the TB Eradication and Advisory Group (TBEAG) for England, advising government policy makers on all aspects of TB control in England, and now sits on the TB Partnership.

Sarah joins the NBA board with the aim to transfer knowledge and support to the UK beef industry, from both a veterinary and bTB standpoint.

"I am extremely proud to be joining the NBA and to be a part of the team that can lead the UK beef industry into a healthy, productive and profitable bTB-free future," said Sarah, on her appointment.

"I am a firm believer that the most successful farmers are those working to the highest animal welfare standards to achieve great productivity. I am looking forward to supporting the beef industry by embracing that essential connection between welfare, productivity and profitability, which are at the moment hampered daily by the pressures around bTB control," she added.

"We are very pleased to welcome Sarah to the board. Sarah's addition not only increases our veterinary expertise, but more significantly our bTB knowledge related to both policy at government level, but also dealing with bTB from a farmers' perspective," said NBA chairman Andrew Laughton, citing Sarah's noted compassion and understanding for those who suffer a bTB breakdown.

Sarah is joined by Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society chief executive Barrie Turner, who joins the NBA board as the representative for the NBA Pedigree Breed Society Group.

"Barrie's wider experience in the food industry, alongside his breadth of knowledge of the pedigree world, will add great value to the board," added Mr Laughton.

Sarah and Barrie will further enhance the strength of the NBA board at a time when the outlook for beef looks good, but where significant challenges still exist.

"These appointments reflect our commitment to represent the needs and demands of the beef producer, and to tackle head on the challenges we face to deliver a productive and profitable beef industry," concluded Mr Laughton.

The National Beef Association remains the only dedicated voice for British Beef Farmers. Its mission is to continually promote and support the UK beef industry at all levels, including the organisation of Beef Expo event. The organisation also engages with the Government and Devolved Administrations to defend the interest of beef farmers across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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