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Harper Adams Beef Unit Management Booklet 2017 / 18

Category: Harper Adams University

The Harper Adams Beef Unit Management Summary for 2017/18 has just been published and can be downloaded below.
The book provides a wealth of information on the management and husbandry in the beef unit which has been based on intensive finishing of dairy and suckler bred bulls and heifers on cereal and forage based rations.
The book includes a full list of trial reports (see pages 10-12) which are available. Also detailed are the recent changes with the move away from intensive bull beef production due to the acquisition of grazing which has resulted in a change to finishing Continental (Blue & Sim) x Holstein steers semi-intensively at 16-18 months old and Hereford x Holstein steers and Holsteins on a ‘low cost outdoor forage based system’ at 20-21 months old.
It will be a challenge to finish the latter breed type without resorting to using concentrates and NBA members will be kept informed of our progress.
Some weaned suckler bred steers will also be purchased this autumn for intensive finishing.